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mohammed (accountant) ethiopia

Assalamu'aleykum Muslim brothers and Sisters. I am Mohammed from Ethiopia. I have a BA (Accounting). I am currently working as an accountant at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in my country. Through a pamphlet I came to know about the IOU. Insha Allaah Muslims can benefit from it. May Allaah Make the IOU prosper. Jazaakumullaah Khayran.

Nabeel Ahmad Mungly (Educator (Physics)) Mauritius

As Salaamu Alaykum Sheikh Bilal Philips

Once I heard a Sheikh saying, "Think globally and act locally" but MashaAllah the IOU is doing far better and it's going like: "Think globally and act globally".

It's with no exaggeration if I say that a course like this was like a dream to me. I remember a long time back when I was searching on the internet I found your site where you said that the BAIS program would be coming soon. From that time I often checked whether the "soon" has ultimately arrived but even then I missed the first intake. Anyway Allah wished it that way.

Sheikh Bilal Philips, I want to let you know that I really appreciate my BAIS program at IOU. I never enjoyed studying before as I am doing with my BA(Islamic studies)at IOU. Just like Eeman increases and decreases, at the beginning I feared that I may lose interest with the course afterward but Alhamdulilah that is not the case. The first semester is almost over and I still have that same enthusiasm Alhamdulilah.

Moreover, now I feel a stronger bond with IOU as I am leading its promotion in my country, Mauritius. I am very happy to be able to do something for my university, the Islamic Online University. I ask you to make du'a that I can shoulder my responsibility and that everything goes easy for our IOU Mauritian Team. I wish to have more Mauritian Muslim brothers and sisters at IOU Insha Allah as it is a golden opportunity to study Islam for tuition-free.

I really appreciate your initiative and all those behind IOU. I make duah to Allah give you courage and resources to continue.

Brother Nabeel Ahmad Mungly,
Married, Father of two lovely daughters,
Educator (Physics)in State Secondary Schools in Mauritius,
IOU BAIs program student and Promotion leader in Mauritius.


It's really a great achievement from Dr.Bilal Philips and his team. All muslim community will Insha Allaah benefit from the BAIS program Insha Allaah. May Allaah accept this sacrifice from Dr. Bilal Philips. Ameen. Jazaakumullah khayran

zayd (student) Mauritius

Assalamualaikoum wahrahmatoullahi wabarakaatouhou

The BAIS program of IOU has given me a great opportunity to study two courses simultaneously.

As a third year Engineering student in Melbourne, I strongly condone that we need to maintain a balance between academic subjects and religious studies so as to be successful in this world and the Hereafter.

I joined some Arabic and Islamic courses but it was difficult for me to manage since I often travel to my homeland, Mauritius, during the holidays.

Subhanallaah one day I got an email about IOU program and Alhamdulillaah I started with the short courses. Having completed a few modules I made my mind up to go for the BA program as it is more intensive.

Alhamdulillaah with the BAIS program at IOU I can study at my own pace and anywhere. Masha Allaah the BAIS course is well organized. By the will of Allaah at IOU the course is organized in such a way that I am able to concentrate on both the BAIS program and my Engineering course.

The structure of the program also is very good as each week there are live sessions which are beneficial as one is given the opportunity to ask questions and get more explanations of the subject.

I would advise every brothers and sisters to join IOU BAIS program as it is a very good way to start learning Islamic studies. Moreover, Alhamdulillaah, it is tuition free. Seeking knowledge is compulsory on all Muslims. IOU is a blessing from Allaah that eases our way to have acquire knowledge. On the Day of Judgement we will be questioned if we made use of that Favour of Allaah.

I ask Allah that He gives me and all students registered at IOU tawfeeq to carry on with our BAIS program. May Allaah Keep us firm on the Right Path. Ameen

Zayd (Mauritius)
1st yr BA Islamic studies- IOU
3rd year Mechanical engineering student- Melbourne

Fareed Ahmad (Student) Pakistan

Asalam o alikum Brothers and Sisters,

May Peace and Blessings of God be on you.

The IOU makes me thinks of the following verse of the Qur'aan:
" Allah opens up the pathways of those who strive in His way " [Soorah Ankaboot, 29:69]

Since, I was born as a Muslim, I never valued Islam. Alhamdulillah two years ago Allah Guided me to learn more about Islam. Dr. Zakir Naik, who is a leading scholar of present time, not only influenced me, but also clarified most of my understandings regarding Islam. Alhamdulilah, afterward I started reading different commentaries of Quran. I became addicted to learn Islam. I looked for teachers from Lahore to teach me fundamentals of Islam but I could not find anyone and that was blessing in disguise for me Alhamdulilah. As a result, a friend of India recommended me IOU.

After doing three modules from level one, I have realized how IOU is a great blessing to Muslims.

May Allah accept my effort and all students who are striving to learn Islam like me. I pray to Allaah to reward the IOU team and make it prosper.

I advice all Muslims to join IOU as it provides you with a systematic way to learn Islam Alhamdulilah.

Khader Khan (Mechanical Engineer) USA

Salam Alaikum,

In today's world where there is a deliberate attempt to tarnish the image of Islam through exaggeration and twisting of the meanings of the Qur'an, the IOU is like a fresh breeze of air in this hostile environment. Through the authentic teachings of Islam at IOU, all the misconceptions under the name of Islam are cleared.

May Allah Reward all the people who are working for this cause. I love Dr. Bilal Philips and ask Allah accept his efforts.

I want everyone to join IOU and to benefit from its courses.

Salam Alaikum
Khader Ali Khan

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