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Tadabbur al-Qur'aan (Reflecting upon the Quran)

Understand the Quran in Arabic, strengthen your ‎relationship with it, and increase your love of Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala, fear of Him and hope ‎from Him!‎
Word By Word Quran Tafsir of Surah 'aal 'imraan (the family of 'imraan) & Excerpts from Tafsir of Sheikh Saadi ‎and Sheikh al-Uthaymeen ‎رحمهما الله‎

Taught by: Br. Abu Abdur Rahmaan

What is the course all about?


Our goal is to have a weekly class, where we study the book of Allah, and walk away with;

Who is this course for?

Course investment: US $30 only

Study Material: Exclusive study material will be given to the students for both Surah 'aal 'imraan and Juzz 'amma, in shaa Allaah

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