Dr. Bilal on American360 blogtalk radio

Date : 14-Aug-2012

American360 is a blogtalk radio platform involving some Muslims in U.S. to provide a media outlet via telephone connection. Dr. Bilal Philips will be joining Mutahhir Sabree (IOU National Representative-USA) and Sister Yasmeen Rowland (IOU Asst. National Representative-USA) for the 3rd of 3 blogtalk radio programs this Wednesday, August 15th from 9 - 10 pm eastern time focusing on the Importance of Seeking Knowledge in Islam, and the Role of Education in the Muslim Ummah."  The program is accessed by calling 646-716-4478.  Format allows for audience interaction with Host and Guests. www.AmericanMuslim360.com

AmericanMuslim360 (AM360)

AmericanMuslim360 Premium Channel is about Islam and being Muslim in American. AericanMuslim360 has programing space available for Muslims who wish to host their own show. AM360 goal is to become a Network Channel in 2012, creating the AmericanMuslim360 Network Channel broadcasting an Islamic focused, 24/7 Muslim hosted Internet radio. If you wish to be a part of progressive Community Life building tool, then host or move your show to AM360 Premium Channel. Connect Thomas Abdul-Salaam at www.AmericanMuslim360.com for details. Programing needs : Muslimah2Muslimah, Finance, Education, Economic Development, Brother2Brother, Youth, Music/Hip-Hop, Sports, News, Entertainment, Weather, Fashion, Business2Business, Social Issues, Politics, Movie Reviews, Arts, Stock Market, Islamic History, Hadith, Quran, Prophet Muhammad, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, Jumah, Arabic, Taleem, How-to shows, and more. Contact Thomas Abdul-Salaam, Executive Producer, if you wish to host, advertise, and/or become a sponsor at www.AmericanMuslim360.com or americanmuslim360@yahoo.com read more