IOU presents its Latest Personal Development Course

Empowered Muslimah

Our lives are in complete control of Allah, Subhanunhu Wa Taala, but He has also given us control of our own lives to a certain degree. Most of us never realize this and succumb to our circumstances and hence never live life to its fullest potential.
In this personal development course, Sr. Bela will combine the teachings of psychology with that of the eternal life-changing principles of Islam to help you:


EMPOWERED MUSLIMAH is a personal development course by IOU
Who is it presented by? Sr. Bela Khan (author, speaker and life coach)
What is my investment? ONLY $30


Develop in yourself a more positive lifestyle and attitude that will propel you to the center of change and to the peak of living an EMPOWERED life! Change your own situation--make it better, proactive and reverberate that change to include those around you!

Please note that Sr. Bela has kindly waived her personal fees for the benefit of the IOU and all fees received for this course will be going to the IOU as a charity.

Join us as we embark on this life changing journey.

About Sr. Bela
Sr. Bela Khan is a life coach, author and speaker. She trains passion-driven women to come out of their misery, move past their obstacles and live a life of fulfillment by making a difference in this world. Her articles appear in understandquran, Habibi Halaqa, Productive Muslim and Saudi Life etc. She has many certifications in the field of personal development, success, relationship, entrepreneurship and leadership. She also has diplomas in Quran and Hadith. She is passionate about empowering women to rise to the potential that Allah created in all of us to lead mankind to a higher status.

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