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    Knowledge: Obligation the ITech Way

    The Islamic Online University offers an outstanding opportunity to fulfil Islamic obligation of seeking beneficial knowledge while being anywhere in the world without the need to travel overseas or even leave the comfort of one’s homes. With IOU, beneficial knowledge is just a click away.

  • Customized and Professional Education

    Customized and Professional Education

    The Islamic Online University programs are organized, structured, flexible and customized. High quality education is what the Islamic Online University offers you

  • Connect from Anywhere

    Connect from Anywhere

    All programs offered at the Islamic Online University are online and in English medium. It is easy to become a student of IOU; a computer and internet connection is all you need.

  • Enhanced Program

    Enhanced Program

    No knowledge is independent of religion and any subject can be enhanced by adopting the educational methodology of Islam. The IOU B.Sc IT program combines the best of secular and religious teachings.

  • Online Education Made Easy

    Online Education Made Easy

    The Islamic Online University is committed to provide students with quality and affordable education from anywhere in the world; a computer and internet connection is all you need. It cannot be any simpler than this.

B.Sc. in Information Technology

The B.Sc. in Information Technology program prepares students to meet the information and communication technology needs of government, business, healthcare, universities, and other kinds of organizations. Information Technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunication systems to produce, manipulate, store, organize, retrieve, and transmit data. It involves development, installation, implementation, management, and maintenance of computer hardware and software within companies, universities, and other organizations.

IT graduates assume the responsibility of the development and selection of the appropriate computer hardware and software products and systems for an organization; and the installation, customization, implementation, management, and maintenance of such products and systems for the organization’s computer users. 

The Islamic Online University joins worldly IT knowledge and Islamic knowledge in this exciting program. Hence, we’ve created a unique opportunity for students to fulfill their religious duty of seeking and sharing knowledge while securing worldly benefits. In today’s society, computers and information technology touches almost every aspect of modern life. Thus, learning IT is a magnificent way, that a person can contribute to his/her society.

“The best of people are those who are most beneficial to people.” (Al-Mu᾿jam Al-Awsat, 5787)

The B.Sc. in Information Technology program features carefully designed courses that are based on web systems and technologies, multimedia systems and designs, computer communication and networks, systems and network administration, network security, software engineering, databases, data warehousing, system integration and architecture, information systems, and human computer interaction.