The Method

IOU provides a unique learning experience for all of our students. The university also recognizes that many students may not have studied online before; it is quite different from traditional classroom-based learning. For this reason, IOU has provided demos and organized a user-friendly learning environment for those new to online education. It is vital that all IOU students be fully prepared for online learning and have the required level of English to enable them to effectively and successfully study in this environment.

IOU is comprised of students from around the globe. Our students learn through watching and listening to video and audio lectures as well as reading texts (PDF format). They also have the support of well-trained tutorial assistants. Within the online study community, students may share resources, exchange ideas, discuss weekly topics, submit assignments, and take exams.

IOU is thankful to Allah for having enabled us to launch the first institution to offer tuition-free online courses for students pursuing a Associate Degree in Education. We are dedicated to spreading authentic Islamic knowledge with a proper understanding of Allah’s true religion. Both students and professors represent a diverse group coming from both under-developed and developed countries.

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